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About Andy

Andy is a decentralised bot developed by Tailored Accounts to complete accounting tasks.

As of now, Andy is only suitable for smaller businesses processing a maximum of 150 transactions per month.

But even if you don’t fall into this criteria, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Think of Andy like a regular browser extension, once we set him up for you, Andy will be working in the background fulfilling the tasks assigned to him. Just make sure to double-check his work and you’ll be golden!

For Andy, the sky (and our coding abilities) are the limit. As of now, Andy can do most basic, repetitive accounting tasks.

Our Capabilities section gives you a thorough outline of what Andy can do, but if there’s something you really need help with, have a chat with our team and we’ll see what we can do.

Andy’s Set-Up & Use

  1. Subscribe and make your first payment. 
  2. TA Automation Consultant will contact the client to request access to XERO.
  3. TA Automation Consultant to survey the file and make recommendations to the client to ensure XERO is BOT ready.
  4. TA Automation Consultant to set up rules and workflow in XERO after receiving client approval.
  5. Set up Andy as a user in the client XERO file.
  6. Deploy regular jobs for Andy based on the package that the client signs up for.
  7. TA Quality Assurance Team to review work done by Andy each month.
  8. TA BOT team to watch and monitor every step done by Andy.
  9. TA Automation Consultant to support the client with any queries.
  10. Client to have access to BOT dashboard to see the deployment progress and a monthly report of Bot activities.
Andy’s 100% customisable and our team will chat with you about what you’d like Andy to do for you during your onboarding session. However, please keep in mind that Andy’s still a young bot. Some of his functions are still in development or under testing.
Andy can integrate and work on Xero and WorkflowMax. Unfortunately, Andy is not currently compatible with other accounting software. Tailored Accounts can help you set up your Xero system at an additional cost.
As of now, Andy can only operate on Google Chrome.
Andy will be regularly updated by Tailored Accounts. No action will be required of the user.

Support with Andy

The Tailored Accounts team is available to assist with any questions or problems you may encounter while using Andy.

We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with Andy. If Tailored Accounts cannot fix the problems you encounter with Andy, you’re welcome to cancel your subscription at any point. There will be no cancellation fee.

If you’re not happy with Andy in the first three months, you’ll be entitled to a full refund.

Andy’s Security

As Andy is decentralised, the security and privacy of your financial information will remain on the user side. Andy will only be carrying out the tasks assigned to him with the access provided to him. Andy will not be gathering or collecting any data.
We recommend that the frequency you review Andy’s work is proportional to how much work you assign him. At minimum, you should set aside time every week to review Andy’s work.
Only the bare minimum! Clients will only be in charge of using Andy and reviewing his work. Tailored Accounts will be managing Andy’s system. A support team will be available to assist with any queries or issues that you encounter.



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